Suki Dickson Buchalter, CMT, E-RYT 200

Susan Dickson Buchalter, E-RYT Instructor, better known as Suki, began her study and practice of yoga in 1975. She is an early member of the Human Potential Movement.   Suki studied Maslow in the 70’s and  has been working towards self actualization through Yoga, Massage, Natural Healing, Herbology and the Art of Jewelry making.

The quest for self realization lead to Suki’s extensive sailing adventures. Over the course of 6 years she sailed the Bahamas to Haiti; sailed The Gulf from Texas to Cozumel, Mexico; sailed from Boston to St Thomas, and has sailed the Greater and Lesser Antilles.  She continues to sail the Virgins on her current boat a 37’ Tayana.

Settling in the Virgin Islands, Suki married her life partner, raised three children built a home and a life here on St John. Her dream come true.

Suki’s Yoga practice has carried her thru this life process. Early Yoga Teachers were Don Stapleton of Nosara Yoga, Amrit Desai, founder of Kripalu Yoga Center, Patricia Schneider of Yellow Springs.  She has studied Ashtanga Yoga with Barbara Bender Birch, Kundalini Yoga with Guru Charan and Stephanie Kaplan, Om Yoga with Cindi Lee, Vini Yoga with Stan Hafner, Anusara Yoga with John Friend and Trance Dance with Shiva Rhea. Her Kirtan teachers are J’ai Uttal and Krishna Das. She has studied Buddhism with Lama Surya Das, Shamanism with John Perkins and Alberto Viloldo; and the Medicine Wheel with the late Grandmother Twila of the Seneca Tribe. Her Meditation teachers have been Jon Kabat-Zinn, David Nichtern, Lex Gillian, the late Swami Kaleshwar and Chinello Haney.

All of these teachings through her many years of practice have distilled into Suki’s heart-centered Crystal Blue Yoga and Energy Bodywork.  Dedicated to the Caribbean Sea, like a swim in the sea, ease the body, expand the mind, lift the spirit with Yoga!

For 16 years Suki has been the primary Yoga Instructor at Maho Bay Camps, an Eco Resort here on St John. She has enjoyed introducing 1000’s of people to the benefits of Yoga.

In 1994, Suki obtained her National Certification in Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage. She offers several  Energy Body healing techniques; Asian Bodywork which includes: Reiki III and Thai Yoga. Thai  Yoga is a form of passive stretching while applying Acupressure Shiatsu. For Chakra Balancing try Suki’s Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing  or Gemstone Therapy Treatments.

The Practice

Suki offers her students an open-hearted, joyful yoga practice through her posture flow teachings. She encourages everyone to honor their bodies and assists them in modifying poses so they receive the most benefit from the practice. Breath being an all important aspect of a yoga session, beginning students will learn to breathe consciously as they align their bodies and connect to their higher selves. Suki teaches a hatha posture flow, that can be enjoyed by more experienced students and beginners alike.  Suki encourages each student to work within the boundaries of their capabilities taking into account injuries or restrictions. The emphasis on the breath and correct alignment allows one to develop a balance in stability, strength and flexibility.

There is an emphasis in Suki’s classes on getting in touch with the Heart Center. Sharing the teachings of HeartMath brings the focus to the heart so that each student may open up with compassion for self and others. Connecting with the heart allows one to find the union of Body Mind and Spirit, which is the true path of Yoga. We can leave the Ego, with its shame, blame, criticism and judgment behind!

Suki is available for private individual or group instruction.

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